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Better Tomorrows is a shrine and fanlisting dedicated to the incredible character Tohru Honda from the anime and manga series Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. The shrine was created as part of the Amassment Construction Zone Challenge which ran from April 2016 to December 2016, and Onigiri Box a Fruits Basket Shrine Marathon which ran from November 2015 to March 2016. The fanlisting was adopted from Inggrid of the late aichaku.beautiful-beast.net on April 21, 2010 and was expanded to include a shrine on April 21, 2016. While this site is still incomplete it is my goal to one day finish it!

A Tohru shrine is something I've wanted to do for YEARS. Like, probably when I adopted the fanlisting way back when. Adopting fanlistings have a tendency to do that. However, motivating myself was basically impossible. I'd try writing content and it would seem like I would be making progress for a while, but then I'd just drop it and never come back. I couldn't tell you how many times this had happened as I've lost count by this point. I'm pretty sure though I have all the layouts still from all the attempts I've tried. What finally broke the trend I think was when a bunch of us decided to work on Fruits Basket shrines. While mine still remains incomplete I've been able to take the first steps needed to get myself started. Now if I can keep going the shrine will soon be complete!

Currently we are on version 2 of the site which was originally made for the fanlisting, but has since been kept for the shrine as well, although a lot of changes were made to it in order to better work with a shrine. The layout was made by me using Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and then coded by hand using Notepad. The image used in the layout was found at Minitokyo, and I don't remember where the patterns were from, unfortunately. Fonts used are called Calisto MT and Times New Roman. Credit goes to Wikipedia and Fruits Basket Wiki for some information used on this site. Previous layouts used may be found at my layout archive.

Last, but not least, I'd like to give a huge shout out to Megan, Samantha, Lethe, Laura, and to anyone else I may have missed. Whether it be a lot or a little, you've all had some part in making this site happen. Thank you so much! ♥

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Although Fruits Basket shrines are pretty rare to find on the internet nowadays there are still some to be found. All of them are awesome so check them out! If you happen to know of or have one that isn't listed here then please email me so I can add it to the list!

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