Someday the snow will melt.

Greetings and welcome to Better Tomorrows, Crystal's shrine for Tohru Honda from the manga series Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya. Tohru is a character whom I greatly admire and respect. She is one to always see the positive side of things, and keep smiling no matter how much she may be suffering inside. It's incredible. With this site I hope to expand upon some of these things about her and explain why she means to much to me. Be warned, however, that this site is likely to be filled with unmarked spoilers so do be sure to watch your step! If you happen to have any comments or questions regarding anything around the site feel free to contact me. Other than that I hope you enjoy your stay!

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Better Tomorrows is a participant of Onigiri Box a Fruits Basket Shrine Marathon, and is home to the one and only fanlisting for Tohru, proudly listed at The Anime Fanlistings Network. If you are a fan of Tohru then don't forget to join the fanlisting!

Lastly, as you may have noticed much of Better Tomorrows is under construction and many pages are still offline. That is because this site is a participant of the Construction Zone event currently going on at Amassment. This means you'll get to watch as I work on this site and turn into a complete shrine. If you'd like to follow along with the progress I will be posting updates at this thread. Anything you'd like to know about the site may be found at this page.

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